Positive Changes

In the Sunday, 4/26 Washington Post, is the story of how Kraft is taking artificial colors and preservatives out of their macaroni and cheese, which is a really a great thing, good for them.

Since Linda Bonvie and I wrote Chemical Free Kids in 2002, we have been pounding the drum on artificial colors and preservatives. But it took something else, something that we didn’t have early in the 2000s, to make it happen. It took vibrant social media vehicles like Facebook and Twitter, and an individual like the “Food Babe”, Vani Hari, to lead the social media buzz.

This Kraft announcement might not seem like a big deal, but it is a huge deal and a tremendous example of how people like the “Food Babe” and a buzz mob on social media — without scientific or food industry experience — can make such a big difference in the world.

Yes, the “Food Babe” led a significant campaign via social media to get Kraft to remove these artificial ingredients. And the wave of people demanding it got so big and so strong that Kraft didn’t have a choice. It’s a wonderful example of how our collective voice is an incredible tool for change and we should all give the “Food Babe” some kudos, because her work has required a tremendous amount of diligence — or chopping wood — over the years for the good of all of us, especially children.

My immediate thought, though, is where is the “Waste Babe”, or the “Medical Babe”? And my second thought is, Wow! What an incredible time we are living in —and that we will eventually have a “Waste Babe” a “Medical Babe” and even a “Health Babe.”

In fact, I am sure we already do… Because people are waking up everywhere to take action to make this a better world. Here are just a few of many examples: Who would have ever thought that protein producers, like Tyson, would realize that gestation crates, antibiotics and hormones might not be a good thing to continue using and commit to doing something about it? This is fantastic news for the long term effectiveness of antibiotics. A lot of voices, stimulated by Wayne Pecelli, CEO of HSUS, were heard on this issue. And, who would have thought that Blue Bell Ice Cream would actually recall all of its product —not just the cartons in which Listeria was found, because they couldn’t find the source of the bacteria. Blue Bell deserves some kudos. And while we are giving these shout-outs, Pepsi is actually taking aspartame out of its products and replacing it with a plant-based blend. This is a really important change, too. Thanks, Pepsi!

These are all really encouraging signs of significant change, happening right in front of us. And I just wanted to call it out, so we could all say thanks for all the positive decisions, and to all of the people in these organizations, making these changes.

It feels so good that so many have started looking at the world the way we should be looking at it — healthy, happy, light, fun — and awesome and incredible. All this fantastic news, in a matter of a few short weeks, leaves me feeling encouraged and inspired to continue chopping wood and carrying more water by supporting the emerging “Babes” across all segments of society.

Momentum of great change is happening, and now, at this time in my career, I need to do everything I can to support these advocates, to keep them on a high vibration and make sure they are effortlessly chopping wood everyday and carrying water. And let’s not forget the 100s of thousands of great people working in those companies, doing the right thing by making critical and sometimes painful formulation changes. Companies like Pepsi, Tyson and Nestle.

Net is, you are all awesome and incredible. And maybe we should take a moment and give those companies mentioned, who are doing the right thing, a little love, too, by supporting the changes they are making via an email to them. Let’s thank them for doing the right thing. And, of course, also thank the “Food Babe,” and other advocates as well. It is always nice to know that what you do is appreciated. I know I am going thank them all! And hopefully they will all feel happy, healthy, light, fun, awesome and incredible!

Tally Ho!


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