Anthony Zolezzi


Using Better Values to Unlock Your Company's Value

Investor, Advisor

Biorg- Precision Personalized Cancer Care
Pantheryx - Natural Remedy for Infectious Diahrea
BossaNova - MicroDosing of Plant Nutrients

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Created a popular seafood chain

Co-founded one of the most recognized fast casual chains in the world.

A Dream Realized

Co-Created PepsiCo Dream Machines

Caused the recycling of over 1 billion single use plastics

Democratization of Organic

United Walmart and Wild Oats

Created a new market for lower cost healthy food

Natural Pet Food Pioneer

Co-founded Pet Promise Natural

Created the $22 billion natural pet food market


Executive Coaching: Does it really work? Yep, and here’s why.


I take my 30 years of CEO experience and offer you practical operations advice and counsel on your own terms when you want it or need it. You can prosper in the new economy by following a simple value-driven strategy.


Whether as an environmentalist/entrepreneur, consultant, author or motivational speaker, Anthony Zolezzi has dedicated much of his career to improving the quality of life for Earth’s inhabitants. Over the last 30 years, he has worked to improve our food supply through organic agriculture, supporting small family farms, and cleaning up the planet through recycling remediation businesses and initiatives, while celebrating the incredible and extraordinary people he has encountered along the way. His most recent endeavors have included working on health and wellness initiatives, from breakthrough plant nutrients to nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, including one of the only preventative antibody treatments for Covid 19.


I help companies and organizations break through barriers to unleash the untapped value they can realize. And I show you how to do it without sacrificing your soul.

Discover Hidden Value

Every business has untapped value that's currently unrealized. I can help pinpoint these strengths, develop a plan to capitalize on them and shepherd you through the process.

Create Strong Partnerships

I've always been a connector, and my network of colleagues, companies and clients give me the opportunity to find the partner that with be synergistic with your company.

Turnaround Sinking Ships

At many times in my career, I've been able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by turning a sinking ship around and give everyone on board a lifeline.


I can help your company:

  • Drive More Deals
  • Increase Revenue
  • Leverage Strong Partners
  • Create Sustainable Initiatives
  • Lead Your Market


While Doing The Right Thing

  • For Your Investors
  • For Your Employees
  • For Your Partners
  • For Your Customers
  • For Yourself


Sustainable business practices are near and dear to my heart. I co-founded GreenOps, which was acquired by Waste Management with the directive of increasing recycling rates. That lead to my development of automated recycling kiosks tied to real-world rewards. We then partnered with PepsiCo to roll out PepsiCo Dream Machines to schools, universities, retail stores and military bases in the US, Canada and UAE. The result? More than 1 billion single use plastics diverted from landfills.

8 Time



Startups launched


Companies invested in or advised

Approx $2B

Market Value Created


Planning & Strategy

I learn about your company and your market. I meet with key players in your organization to find out what's working and what's not.

Find Solutions to Deficiencies

I work to find ways to turn expenses into profit centers and re-energize teams and products that have begun to stagnate.

Connect & Correct

I find strategic partners and develop a plan to make increase production, maximise revenues and lead with creativity.


“Anthony is an action-oriented leader that doesn't waste time when a good idea presents itself. Because of this, he is able to make real change in the world where we live. We should all be grateful for his many accomplishments."

Kim Soko Schaefer

Consultant/Developer at Slalom
“Anthony's actions always speak louder than words. He is always meditating on and providing guidance on solutions which enhance our global environment and provides healthy sustainable returns. It is always a pleasure to do business with Anthony."

Lydia Kuyawa

Waste Management, Inc


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