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Will 2020 transform the chase for wealth to the pursuit of health?

This morning I woke up in Southern California to a bright sunrise and a crisp coolness in the air. I...

Posted by Anthony Zolezzi

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optimist image

How the current crisis can help us to rediscover ourselves – and redefine our future  

Yesterday I was walking on a hiking path next to where my wife and I are locked down. I have been us...

Posted by Anthony Zolezzi

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pursuit of helpfulness

A time of crisis couldn’t be a better one to engage in the ‘Pursuit of Helpfulness’

Today I have been reflecting on the lessons learned so far from the Coronavirus pandemic and feel co...


The desire to create unconventional change has allowed Anthony to connect thousands of optimistic leaders to invigorate their businesses with new innovations and their people with new energy.


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ANTHONY ZOLEZZI / Serial Entrepreneur, Innovation & Profitability Adviser, Author

Anthony Zolezzi is the Chairman and Co-Founder at UxHealth. UXHealth’s mission is to bring transformational health care technologies that are stalled or challenged by investment, commercialization strategies or regulatory hurdles to the people who need the science, treatments, devices to save lives now. A San Diego native, Zolezzi has spent his career focusing on ways that biotech breakthroughs can enhance consumer health and wellness. Zolezzi is also Strategic Advisor for Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private asset management company focused on sustainability and wellness sectors. As a serial entrepreneur, Zolezzi has dedicated his career to the well-being of both people and the planet, co-founding businesses that provide potential solutions to both health concerns and key environmental issues.

Zolezzi is a former board member of Vitamin Angels, a non-profit focused on providing nutritional support in impoverished countries. He also co-founded and is a former board member of the Organic Center for Education and Promotion, and a former member of the Organic Alliance Board of Directors.

Zolezzi currently also serves as an advisory board member with the Menus of Change program, a joint venture between The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard …


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