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Jive on the Journey

This week I was thinking about another “J” blog and how to follow up on the Joy Through Mindfulness blog I published last week. I felt inspired—maybe it was going dancing last Saturday night or maybe it was thinking about the idea of someone walking down the street, almost dancing as if to music that only he or she hears.

Then this morning, the California sun was shining after multiple days of rain and I noticed that I was walking up the street with a definite skip in my step. I almost danced my way to the gym. I was definitely in a happy world of my own. This brought me to the follow-up “J” blog.

Jive might be an outdated word for some of you, but Webster’s definition of JIVE is: “Swing music or early jazz; the jargon associated with swing music and early jazz.” That got me thinking about swing dancing and how two dance partners need to jive (or in my mind, shuck-n-jive). Just thinking about dancing my way through this journey called life makes me smile. In fact, can you for one minute imagine dancing through the parking lot of your office or down the hall at work? When was the last time you danced and smiled?

Have you ever noticed how children love to dance without inhibition? A little more child-like activity could be fabulous for your heart, your stress level, too. It is a wonderful thing to “Jive On The Journey,” but you really have to do it and feel it starting today.

When was the last time you went out dancing? When was the last time you had that wonderful music in your head that brings all the feelings of nostalgia, romance, fun—and in my day, Boone’s Farm—Yep! Start jiving on the journey now and make sure that while you’re dancing down the hall or street that you remember life is a journey and it’s up to us if we want to shuck-n-jive on the journey. I am convinced that if you do, you will be surrounded by fellow jive dance partners and the journey will be sweeter.

Can you hear the music now??

Jive on—



Photo by Sarah Horrigan. Used under Creative Commons NC 2.

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