The Uncomfortable Part Of Your Comfort Zone

The Uncomfortable Part Of Your Comfort Zone

In the last blog, we talked about how important it is to collaborate outside of your comfort zone. In this follow-up, I want to focus only on the comfort zone and challenge you to think about the idea that nothing big, revolutionary, audacious or bold ever happens in the comfort zone.

What if the only way to accomplish anything that will change the world or turn an industry upside down is to step outside of your comfort zone? In fact, what if the more uncomfortable you are, the bigger the opportunity?

“Uncomfortable” is not a place where shareholders want the management spending any amount of time, which is why public companies have a very difficult time with innovation and major breakthroughs. Which I say, for any builder or entrepreneur, is a great thing because they can be a source of very strategic capital or the entity that provides your exit. In other words, they will love the fact that you are outside of your comfort zone and will desire to gobble your idea or business up! YEP!

But what if this is also true for non-business human experiences as well? Many times, I have heard friends and family talk about how the “fog”—something that is inherently present when we try to do anything big and audacious—didn’t clear until they where willing to make the uncomfortable choices. So, what if you have to make the uncomfortable choices to be able to move to the next level and break out? Is “comfort” holding you back from expressing your truly incredible talent and self, whether in business or in life?

Just asking.



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