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“A” Squared: Aspiration Plus Attitude

Thursday’s blog, Aspire Higher, was the first in the A to Z series that I’ll be continuing for next several months. But I’ve had a follow-up thought I’d like to share with you. Chiefly, that attitude is an important component of a healthy, successful, and fulfilled life.

A positive attitude is also everything when it comes to aspiration. Your attitude should reflect your belief that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And, by the way, you can and will succeed if you believe in yourself. A positive attitude is contagious and will bring with it positive people, positive opportunities and a positive environment to ensure that all your aspirations come true. This might sound a little too optimistic, but until you actually put the aspiration and attitude together, how do you know?

My feeling is that when you add “higher aspirations” to “positive attitude,” it equals “A squared!” In other words, you will get more than your wildest expectations could ever imagine.

So let’s make this really simple: Whatever you are doing right now, whatever project, activity or executional item, no matter what, take your expectations to the next level and aspire higher. Not incrementally higher, but much, much higher. Then layer on a very positive attitude. Be all about the fact that you can do it, that your ability to accomplish your goals far exceeds the task. Then see what happens! This will become your recipe for incredible success, incredible love and an incredible life.

Oh my, loving life!


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