Positive Impact

Today, I went on a hike. Not really thinking about anything other than how a couple of people in the gym light up my day whenever they are there. They have great energy. One is an extraordinary chef and the other, an incredible parent just getting the last one through college. But they have no idea how much they light up my day. (Until now, of course!)

They workout really hard, which is inspirational, but it’s not the workouts, it is really their smiles, the energy, the spirit in the conversation, that makes them exude such positive energy. And that is what makes a difference, makes them so special. And it’s not just for me, but anyone in the surrounding area. The real point of this blog is, they have no idea that they have this positive effect on me and many others.

The point I am making is, we are all so oblivious to the positive impact we have on others. We have a great impact on everyone we interact with on a daily basis. Just think about it, you impact so many people in a day — whether it is getting a cup of coffee in the morning or checking out in a grocery line. You can change the disposition of the entire line with some positive, upbeat vibes and a smile. You can make a huge difference. You have an energy, a level of excitement, that is unbound if you are just yourself and want to be positive. You will find yourself feeling very light, almost bouncing through the most mundane and challenging task, if you just smile and think positively.

If you are challenged in a situation, just stop for a moment and think back to the days when you jumped into puddles or rolled in the mud — how about when you lay on the grass, finding characters in passing clouds, or rocking out with your very own dance party — that is you. Remember how much fun you where!

Now, watching young kids frolic without fear is amazing, because we remember we where all like that, and we all have to get back to that place. And really, we shouldn’t be any different today than we were then. We should all be the fun loving person we really are.

And, if we do that, guess what? Positive vibrations attract positive vibrations. So if you start today, to create your own network of positive, vibrating people, it will grow because just like the two folks that come to the gym and light up my day, everyone wants to be around that purely positive vibe.

Now, again, think for a minute… Yes, just smiling, being your kind, wonderful self, will not only make a huge difference and have a positive impact on more lives than you can imagine, but it works like a magnet to bring the very people you need in your life to you, to help you build your wood pile.

And, what if carrying water for many people was just smiling and talking with the barista tomorrow morning about how fantastic your latte is, and thanking them. Or, just smiling and thanking the dry cleaner or grocery check-out person, and telling them how fantastic they are. Because they are, you know. And as they go about their day, they will also pass on that positive vibe.

Wow! This is so exciting and exhilarating, I better go smile and tell someone how fantastic they are! Or, maybe I should start tomorrow morning, when I go into the gym, and let my two friends know how inspiring they are, and how many people they have impacted.

For some reason, The Beach Boys Good Vibrations is wringing in my ears.

Tally Ho! With smiling and positive vibes as we go…


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