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Fun And Fame? How About Making Everyone And Everything Fabulous, Too!

My last blog in the A- Z of Business series was “F” for fun and famous, and it was about making all the cause-related activities fun and the people that do them famous.

Well, now I want to ask you, what if we made everything we do “fabulous?” What I mean is that the actions are fun, they make people famous, and the only thing we can say at the result is, fabulous!

Webster defines fabulous as “almost impossible to believe—incredible.” Now all of us have seen initiatives and programs that when the result is done you’re almost speechless and the only thing you can say is “incredible!”

Recently, I was invited to a meeting in Santa Barbara to take action on climate change as a result of the November election. It was originally supposed to be 40 people, but when the session opened there were 150 people willing to take action. It was truly an incredible experience. It is also when the shame and blame versus fun and fame became absolutely apparent.

We definitely need to change the language and the way we are addressing climate change, but I don’t want to get distracted, I want to focus on how the fun and fame can create fabulous— impossible to believe—results. The kind of results that only one word, incredible, can describe.

I am going to close with a couple second video on how the Santa Barbara Shared Mission meeting closed. After just 5 or 6 seconds you will feel fabulous, and get a taste of “incredible!”



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