Enthusiasm is contagious

After spending half of Friday in the Recyclebank offices, I have to tell you I could be there every minute of every day. It totally reminds me of the dynamic environment of the Internet boom during the late ‘90s, with employees excited to just be doing what they’re doing and exhibiting the imagination, drive and initiative that makes magic happen. It’s not the sort of enthusiasm you can engender in people — it just happens when a sense of mission merges with the exact right working conditions.

Now what is so interesting to me is that I would much rather go with this kind of passion and raw energy than the most perfect business plan. I really believe that many companies spend way too much time on detailing their spreadsheets than on cultivating the talent and dedication of the individuals in their employ. It is often said that it is not so much the direction the bus is traveling than the caliber of the people on board that is important. On Friday, I found the positive energy of people making a difference for the planet while having fun and, ultimately, changing consumer behavior for the better to be positively uplifting. And I could only imagine the positive effect it might have in America’s recovery if all of our enterprise could inspire a similar level of motivation in their employees.


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