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Emulate The Extraordinary With Enthusiasm—Yep, Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is contagious and people love hanging around positive enthusiasm. What I have noticed over the years is that enthusiastic people with positive spirits are much more likely to be in important circles doing incredible things, no matter how accomplished they are personally.

Many times, I personally have been invited to contribute in areas where I really don’t have any knowledge but I will tell you that I am happy to be there and will contribute with all the enthusiasm possible. In fact, most of the time I don’t think anyone really listens to what I am saying—they just recognize that I am saying it with a lot of positive enthusiastic energy. Truth is, I can’t help it because I truly am happy to be around any table, anytime, with people who are trying to accomplish something.

Would people consider you positive and enthusiastic? Would you rather hang with someone that is child-like in their approach to life—enjoying every second and enthusiastically looking for what’s next—or someone that has seen it all and is just negative.

Be that enthusiastic and curious person that you love to hang with. You can start right now, with one simple tool—a smile! Yep, that is the most powerful, positive gesture we can make and we can do it right now. we can do it all day!

What are you going to tackle with the ultimate enthusiasm in the next hour? You will find that it is not only contagious for others, it’s contagious for you, too, because you will find from the morning barista to your friends and colleagues during the day, that they will directly respond to your enthusiasm with a smile back. Yep! It is contagious for everyone.



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