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What If We Change Earth Day To Aspire Day?

Because today is Earth Day and everything that has to do with making a difference in this world starts with you, I want to ask you a question… (And you know what my favorite question is, don’t you? Yep! “What if?!”) So, what if we change Earth Day to Aspire Day?

What if April 22nd became about reaching for our highest aspirations? Wouldn’t that be incredible? How would we think differently about this important day? What would we talk about? How would our focus change?

I want to challenge you to aspire to four things:

1. Be bigger, more relevant and important than you ever thought you could be. Step out boldly to stop human trafficking, make all the rivers in the world clean and drinkable, shine a light on any type of abuse, make sure animals are treated humanely, make sure every human born has a right to life and the safest, most nutritious food to eat.

2. Shout from the mountain tops and tell the world that you are going to right wrongs, stop injustices, and make sure people everywhere are safe, happy and able to love.

3. Aspire every day to greatness like you never thought possible! Believe that you are doing it and continue to inspire others to aspire to greatness.

4. Celebrate every blessing. Breathe that good fortune in, then make a step forward for change, even if it is just a web search or an email to a friend. Realize that you are incredible and extraordinary and just do one thing each day to aspire to greatness.

As unbelievable as this may sound, I believe we can change the world, I believe it can happen. I know that those who read this blog are already living an aspirational life (or you wouldn’t be here!) So, what if – whether it be through belief in Jesus, a higher power or in the collective consciousness – all the injustices of this world could be made right? What if we just put it all out there, with the expectation that positive change will happen? I believe you are the ones that make incredible things happen, whether through your faith in God or in the Universe, or through your hard work and dedication.

Now, throw yourself into helping mankind. Aspire higher because you will make the difference in environmental causes and other causes as well. But you need to aspire higher. Believe you can and realize that there is a higher power that will help you do the work.

I’m going to take a much needed hiatus to work on some important initiatives, so this is going to be my last blog for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you and I can’t collaborate to change the world one heartbeat, one Godly thought at a time. For my loyal readers, I just want to say thanks and I love you. Onward and upward and btw, Happy Earth…I mean Aspiration Day!

Let’s do this!


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