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Business RockStars!

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Yesterday, I had a wonderful experience… One of those happy moments… I met Business RockStars Producer Brittany Lehman, Video Producer Rolando Issa, and Host Ken Rutkowski, as well as all the staff at their studio in Santa Monica. They are so happy to be doing what they are doing —which is making entrepreneurs and CEOs “Business RockStars” and giving them an online platform from which to share their experiences.

Most importantly, just like at the Lofty Coffee Shop, it is a high energy, very happy place. The kind of happy place you just want to be around.  If I lived in Santa Monica, I would stop by this studio every morning and just listen in and absorb the energy there.

While I was basking in the associates’ energy, it was suddenly time for me to go on the air, and I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Rutkowski, the host —the president, the visionary, of Business RockStars. Wow, he was a bright light, a beacon with a twinkle in his eye and a pleasant aura.

Before I had even done the interview, the 3-hour ride was worth every moment!. YEAH for Business RockStars! I will be telling every go-getter, game changer, CEO and entrepreneur I know to watch, listen and support the real Business RockStars, Brittany, Ken and everyone working or hanging at the studio in Santa Monica.

Rock On—


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