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Could Bad News Be A Good Thing?

Looking at the state of the world today, it is tempting to focus on the almost daily drum beat of bad news. Okay, yes, the world can be a difficult and dangerous place, but I think being positive and sending out positive vibrations is more productive, more helpful. But bad news ringing in our ears every day could signal that, from government to the economy to defense to making sure young people have opportunities, we need a whole new paradigm – a different way of looking at and resolving our most pressing problems. So, could bad news be a good thing? Could we use bad news to inspire us to look forward and make positive changes?

Crises are usually the catalysts for real reforms. The type of pain we seem to be experiencing on a daily basis is what it usually takes to begin rethinking our approach to everything. And the key, I believe, is simply to harness the 21st Century technologies now available to us.

Here is one example: Medical researchers have developed a new weapon in the fight against cancer – one that uses stem cells from patients that have been genetically altered to target the malignant cells involved. So far, the technique has only been tested on a few patients in advanced stages of leukemia – but the results have been called extremely promising and exciting , with two of the patients becoming completely cancer-free, and a broader study in progress now.

If the technological resources now available to us can be utilized in this manner to find a new approach to fighting cancer, why can’t similar ways be found to eradicate the cancers eating at our society – solutions that transcend our old, outmoded methods of problem-solving?

Which brings me to a conference call on a particular type of recycling and material recovery that I participated in recently. The upshot was that the income involved was not high enough to cover the cost of the process. But this conclusion once again reflected the old model –not the new thinking that we will need to protect our natural resources and, in the process, create new jobs in our communities.

So let’s get busy using the technological tools we now have at our disposal to do what those mired in outmoded methodologies would have us think can’t be done.



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