Incredible And Extraordinary

Lately, I have been hosting gatherings of the incredible and extraordinary. Yes, the incredible and extraordinary.

The goal is to bring an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, former CEOs, musicians and artist, of all ages, together with the only objective being to bring people together. No real purpose at all, not even better understanding or even the spontaneous combustion that occasionally happens.

As I bring these groups together, I always find one fact interesting, and that is no matter how young or old — no matter how you measure success (or lack thereof) I can guarantee one thing… That everyone — every single person — is extraordinary and incredible.

And you know what? You are absolutely extraordinary and incredible, too.

Have you forgotten about the gifts you have been given? Those talents you knew you had as a child or found along the way of life? That curiosity, that desire to learn more about something?

What if today you started reminding yourself how incredible and extraordinary you are. What if, no matter what, even while you are doing your work, you started working on your extraordinary self. In other words, what if chopping wood every day, becomes building on your incredible gifts and talents. You can start by just telling yourself how unbelievably extraordinary you are. Begin now to constantly reminding yourself — yes, I am extraordinary.

And now, for carrying water today, tell someone else how incredible and extraordinary they are, and watch them light up. You will make their day! Then they will, in turn, make someone else’s day by passing that on to another person. And you will feel really good about starting this chain of positive impact.

Just one more thing. Remember that you — as yourself, your absolute self — are what is incredible, not what you might think other people think is extraordinary.

So, to all of you incredible and extraordinary people…

Rock On

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