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Begin “Doing” By Asking Questions

Asking “what if” questions has led to some of the greatest business innovations in the world. Asking questions about how to solve global problems or societal issues is the first step to bringing resolve. Almost everything good “Doers” do in life has started with a...

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Understand And Embrace Your Unique Talent

Many “doers” seem to know instinctively what their own unique talent is. What’s yours? It’s important to understand your own unique talent and embrace it. It is important to recognize how incredible and awesome you are and use your unique talents each day. Let me...

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Bricks And Mortar: Working Together To Get Things Done

Have you ever thought about the structure of a brick wall? If you think about it, bricks and mortar work together to get things done, to create a strong and sturdy wall or building. It may sound odd, but consider the bricks and mortar, their...

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