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Business Quagmire Or Business Opportunity? A-Z Of Business

Would you consider the following situation a quagmire or a business opportunity? You are a legacy company that is very heavy in fixed assets, low in tech and (because of shareholders and Wall Street) the pressure for short term results is very high. You want...

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Mistakes Are Important In Life As Well As Business

This morning reaffirmed what I wrote about last week, that we need to make mistakes. I found the gem below as I was doing my daily devotional and it articulates perfectly my intent in the Making Mistakes In Business Is Important blog: We should be...

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Making Mistakes In Business Is Important: A-Z Of Business

“It’s ok to make mistakes” is a clichéd and mostly misunderstood concept. Merriam-Webster defines a mistake as an error in judgment, but it can also be an error in action, calculation, or opinion, caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, or insufficient knowledge. We tend to think...

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