earth_dayDreamMachineWhile I was vacationing in Santorini, I was appalled by the number of plastic bottles I saw polluting the beautiful waters. This was the impetus behind launching Code Blue Recycling, which I co-founded with a team of optimistic leaders. Together we filed 19 patents on unique recycling technologies tailored for Nestlé, PepsiCo and Whole Foods Market.

It was one of the most technologically advanced recycling campaigns in history and was inspired by a cutting-edge tracking system developed by Yatta Mark for tracking fresh food products – and virtually anything else. I met Mark at a trade show and asked him, “If you unnamedcan track a product at the beginning of its life, can you track materials at the end of their lifecycle?” His answer, “I know we can.”

This tracking capability gave us the tool we needed for Code Blue Recycling, a product-specific recycling campaign, complete with a patented interactive kiosk. The tracking was a monumental step for our team, because if we know what the materials were at production, we could recover more of their value in the end. This revolutionized specific recycling and gave us the missing link we needed to build out our system to a marketable point. We designed a complete system, using Yatta Mark’s technology, whereby companies that use containers can take them back at the end of their use knowing exactly what they are made of, and where they came from, and thus are able to best reuse or recycle them.

When we sold Code Blue Recycling to Waste Management for millions of dollars it become Greenopolis (short for “Greening the Metropolis”), a community-based recycling rewards program that resulted in products such as the Pepsi Dream Machine.