silhouette man jumps to make the word Happy New Year 2017 with sunrise. (New Year 2017 is coming concept.)

What If 2017 Is The Most Incredible Year?

Happy New Year! We have a lot to be excited and positive about for 2017, and today I am sitting on a rooftop in Santiago, Chile, watching the hustle-bustle of a smoggy city and thinking about some what ifs for the coming year. There is no rhyme or reason for them. Look at them as whimsical thoughts for the future—blowing over the Andes—that I’ve chosen to share with you.

What if, all of the legacy systems—structures, regulations, procedures, you name it, anything that was developed, say, 50 years ago or more—started to crumble in big chunks right in front of us?

What if, the U. S. government’s tone began supporting environmental and climate change initiatives, and actually stimulated businesses to do more developing new global leaders for the environment?

What if, artificial Intelligence was able to predict consumers’ every move—your future health, your future spending and ultimately decisions made by you today—and use this mass A.I. data-crunching? So instead of calling Alexa, you will be calling a Watson, Jr.?

What if, the retail experience as we know it was 100% totally gone? What would replace all of that brick and mortar? What kind of experiential activity would be similar to physical shopping?

What if 2017 is the most incredible year ever for you? What if it is the most unbelievable year for you, your family, and a year that is beyond belief for your business? What if???

Yep, it is 2017, isn’t it?



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